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May 10, 2022

Recycling Center

Located in a small village of southwestern Costa Rica, we are beginning a model of recycling to re-purpose community waste into useful building materials. Our goal is to create a simple system that’s easy to replicate, and give others the tools to start their own.


In less developed countries around the world, the primary means of waste disposal is burning the trash – typically a heap where everything is thrown to be burned, and eventually as the glass/metal accumulates, it’s simply buried in the ground and a new burn pile is started.


By uniting communities to re-purpose their waste, we’re able to reduce toxic fires while creating building materials that will last a lifetime. For example, eco-bricks (gallon containers stuffed with soft plastics) can be used in adobe homes, or glass bottles to create an artistic floor.

Current Goal

At this juncture, we’re raising funds to purchase a shredding machine which will enable us to break down hard plastics to where we can melt them into any form (bricks, boards etc).