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May 25, 2022
Recycling Center
May 10, 2022

Foster Child Trips

There are worlds and ways of life that are simply unimaginable until you experience them. We hope to provide a taste of a different possibility for young adults at a crossroads as they come out of the foster care system and choose which path they will pursue.


People tend to view the potential circumstance of life through a lens of past personal experience, regardless of alternative and more desirable possibilities.


Provide an experiential encounter with a type of life that may motivate, inspire and spark passion deep inside their soul to explore a style of life they may never have considered possible. The trip will include agricultural work, excursions into nature, community events & service projects, as well as some time of reflection and rest.

Current Goal

We are currently raising funds to sponsor a young adult just graduating from the foster care system to come visit for a life changing experience.