Free The Food
May 25, 2022

El Batallón

“The Battalion” is an initiative designed to kill two birds with one stone (or better said, help two people with the same dollar). By employing people in need of work, to work for people in need of help, this is an amazing way to multiply the impact of resources.


There are many poor, elderly or otherwise unable people in need of handiwork or other assistance to create a more sustainable situation (like planting perennial food sources). On the other hand, there are able bodies seeking stable employment in these rural areas where consistent work can be scarce. Combining low wages with rising costs of living makes it increasingly difficult to support a family.


Employing individuals full time with living wages to improve the quality and sustainability of life for those who cannot afford help and/or are unable to do the work themselves.

We are currently raising money to employ our first member of the program, Caesar. Coming to Costa Rica from Nicaragua, he’s seeking better opportunities for himself, his wife and 5 year old daughter. He has consistent employment 2 days per week, and we are seeking to provide work the other 4 days. For this, we need $600 monthly support.


Caesar Employed!

May 2022

Caesar was the source of inspiration for this entire project! He came to Finca Nazir (Sam’s farm) with a small crew for some temporary work, and we got to talking. When we learned of his predicament living 4 hours from his wife and daughter, simply for the chance at occasional jobs, the gears started turning to find a way for stable employment. For the moment, Caesar has been working full time here at Finca Nazir, but we intend to shift 4 of his days into service projects as funds are raised.